GetSouth is a collaborative effort to deliver on a clearly defined set of Tourism and Trade objectives for the South Peninsula

The core objectives of GetSouth are:

  • To increase the overall economic value across all the Lifestyle, Travel and Tourism services in the area.
  • To improve the range and quality of lifestyle & holiday experiences.

One Region, One Brand, Multiple Destinations

Showcase the South Peninsula and shape our outcomes. Be a part of the joint effort and help to design your successful future!

We’re on a mission to significantly enhance the lifestyle qualities of the South Peninsula; to ensure it is a desirable place to live, visit and invest in and importantly, we want to shape the outcomes of any investments to ensure they are in keeping with the essence of the South Peninsula.

We hope to achieve this in 3 ways:

  1. Providing Air Cover:
    • By being a voice at the table and Strategic Partner to highly influential stakeholders:
      • The structures that govern us and the organisations that impact on us (City, Cape Town Tourism, Wesgro etc.)
      • To influence big business and infrastructure stakeholders to upgrade and develop in line with our vision.
  1. Creating and implementing a Destination Marketing & Brand Strategy for the South Peninsula
    • Brand and Position it as a single brand region with multiple unique destinations
    • Identify, and define ‘Unique Selling Propositions” (long stay family destination, nature, beach etc.)
    • Extending the reach and distribution of the message.
  1. Enabling businesses to succeed and the enabling the environment to deliver the best possible end-to-end experience.

We’re building a destination and a brand together, for visitors to come back again and again.

Participate with your ideas, your products and services, and your skills to promote the experiences in the South Peninsula. It’s quick and easy and good for business!