Air Cover

Building Strategic Partnerships and Relationships

We would like to identify and create strategic partnerships with major influences, investors and developers. Those organisations that can have material impact on the South Peninsula

Examples: PRASA and Metro rail, Cape Town Tourism, Wesgro, Fedhasa, Developers etc.

  • We need to influence key consumer facing stakeholders to recognise the area as a specific region. For example, or AirBnB and many other platforms, do not have the area as a search option. A guest would have to specifically search on a single destination.
  • We need to be great partners and supporters of Cape Town Tourism, Wesgro & the city.
    • We need to support all of their initiatives, collectively, to drive up Cape Town and Western Cape Brand Value.
    • We need to influence them to be the best they can be, to enable the hospitality sector.

Three areas of concern right now:

  • Absolute Focus on Brand Cape Town: An organisation needs to take charge of Brand Cape Town. CTT takes R45 million, of our money, from the city to promote Cape Town. However, the city shackles their ability to really drive the brand value of Cape Town, by having conditions things like:
    • They must earn their own revenue – a clear distraction of management time, and unnecessary use of resource.
    • They’re given Tourism Management responsibilities (e.g crime and social cohesion), not tourism marketing. All their focus needs to be on developing specialist marketing skills and building brand Cape Town through creating a truly collaborative approach with their members.
    • They need a longer term commitment of funds, 1 year is simply not good enough.
  • Supporting local innovation and skills: CTT has a deal with and Wesgro with AirBnB; we’d like to encourage them to use local providers rather (like to encourage local innovation, keep our skills in Cape Town and SA, and importantly, keep the money here and not in the hands of foreign shareholders.
  • Improve Collaboration between them and industry and build respect from the industry players and their input.


So, In order to influence them, we need to have a strong, clear, smart, unified voice at the table; a representative body.. They need to know, that we’re not quiet down here, and they need to know, that we’re an economic opportunity that can tick a lot of their KPI’s. We need to support them and help shape them, so that they can be the most they can be.

We want to get a bigger slice of revenue from visitors to Cape Town and we want to make sure the overall Cape Town tourism value continues to grow.