Brand Value

GetSouth is a collaborative effort to deliver of clearly defined objectives and marketing actions designed to promote the South Peninsula to local and foreign visitors.

The core objectives of GetSouth are:

  • To improve the range and quality of customer experiences, and
  • Importantly, to increase the customer spend across all the Lifestyle, Travel and Tourism partners in the area.
  • To determine a clear marketing and brand strategy, and increase the marketing effort for the South Peninsula.

One Vision, One Destination.

Join the collaborative effort to showcase the South Peninsula. Be a part of the Vision and help design a successful future! Be a part of a community of contributors. It’s easy – sign up, create a listing on the directory and we’ll start talking to you and planning with you.

We’re building a destination and a brand together, for visitors to come back again and again.

The Vision – Think One Region, One Destination!

The Vision and Brand for the South Peninsula is currently being formulated through a collaborative process. Be a part of that journey to define ‘The South’ as one destination, and take advantage of the results. To register your interest: click here

Phase 1:

Determine what do we want to be promoted as? Some ideas:

  1. Long Stay Destination (day trips to town and winelands)
  2. Beaches (15+ click here)
  3. Awesome events (12+ new events a year to be achieved)
  4. Arts and Culture
  5. Outdoor activities
  6. Other Unique Selling Points (USPs)

What is that one thing to promote the South as? Family long stay Destination? Two Oceans? 20+ beaches?

Come up with a name:

What’s the unique brand iconic name (like ‘The Big Apple’) for the South, or for the coastline (like The Algarve, The Hamptons, The Gold Coast, The Wild Coast, The Winelands, The Garden Route) – could it be “The Sunrise Coast’? Or a relevant African name? Something with history, and certainly something that’s memorable and sounds cool, that inspires feelings of the area and that rolls off the tongue. Lets get together, define it and market it.

Click here to watch the vision come to life

12 Unique Destinations, 10 Villages, 24 Beaches, 12 Months a year with ‘Awesome Events’! Stay here and Day Trip the rest! Cape Town and Winelands are 20 minutes away.

A destination on the website can be whatever makes sense for the GetSouth Vision. We’ve come up with 12: Click here –  and Suggest others.

Each destination requires it’s own unique sense of place, and it’s own brand personality and it’s own vision and events within the South Peninsula brand. GetSouth will work with local business groups and associations and your local businesses to go through the process of creating a specific Vision for each village and/or destination.

The Vision Process:

  1. Collect contact details, and communicate with all service providers (restaurants, hotels, B&B’s, guesthouses, day trip providers, travel services, arts and entertainment, activities).
  2. Define South Peninsula Brand & Vision (draft ideas, in depth interviews, street interviews, focus group workshops, online surveys, draft, acceptance)
  3. Support each destination within the South Peninsula with their Specific Brand and Vision process, to fit in with South Peninsula Brand

Once the vision has been formulated, and accepted each business needs to adjust it’s marketing to be in line with it.

Objectives of vision:

  • Promote a compelling and consistent message to the market, to solidify the brand in the minds of the consumer.
  • Encourage service providers and businesses to ensure aesthetics, products and services are in line with the destination brand and vision.

Target Market

Who are we talking to …. click here