Misty Cliffs Beach

Misty Cliffs beach is found in a little village that lies on the mountain between Kommetjie and Scarborough. A drive from Kommetjie and the quite literal 'misty cliffs'will come into focus soon enough showing you this treasured spot.

Misty Cliffs acquired its for this reason and is still a unique village overlooking the wild and tempestuous sea. It is renowned not only for incredible days and beautiful beaches, but also for windy and wet days, depending on the season, this all weather paradise is as authentic as it comes, a conservation village bordering on a nature reserve

This is a wonderful place to find peace and quiet and a spectacular setting at the best of times. The beach is not very big, but lovely for walking on, and really close to the larger and far more popular Scarborough beach, popular with surfers. Don’t be fooled, during peak season it can become crowded but nothing can detract from the wild natural environment.