Get in the Water and Learn 2 Surf

Did you know that Muizenberg is one of the best beaches in the world for learning to surf?

According to Anthony Scholte, owner of the Learn 2 Surf schools and Muizenberg local, it’s due to the gentle breaking nature of the waves, soft sandy bottom, moderate water temperatures, and beginner friendly conditions most days of the year. And he should know – he’s spent most of his life in the ocean and has travelled the world to almost every surfing mecca out there.

“Surfing makes people happy. The more happy people there are, the better!”

Muizenberg Learn 2 Surf Ant

Anthony (Ant for short) started his love affair with waves when he was a baby, as his father was a surfer and ocean enthusiast. Ant began with body boarding as a youngster, then moved to short boarding in his student years and later fell in love with long boarding – when the winds are offshore (most often in the winter months),

Muizenberg can see world-class long boarding conditions. For Ant (and all surfers) surfing is an escape from the world but at the moment Ant is more often sitting at his computer, than on his surfboard – which is the price you pay when you are expanding your surfing business worldwide! Learn 2 Surf has been in operation for over thirteen years with schools throughout South Africa and is now expanding to include Sri Lanka, France, Spain, Portugal and of course, Hawaii. In the early days Ant, had help from Surfing South Africa to track down the top surf coaches in the country and form the initial Learn 2 Surf network.

Muizenberg Learn 2 Surf

There is now an international surf coach accreditation which Ant insists all his schools’ coaches must have – thereby ensuring top quality coaching at all the Learn 2 Surf schools. In Muizenberg, adult lessons are from R350 to R500 for 90 minutes with 60 minute lessons for kids and various packages available from as little as R200/surf – with all the surf gear included.

Tip: Once you’ve mastered your surfing techniques and fancy traveling to overseas surfing destinations, make sure you head to Sri Lanka. Ant reckons it’s paradise for intermediate surfers and it’s best you get there before it gets too crowded.