This page is the home of the South Peninsula Marketing Strategy. An inclusive collaborative effort to achieve more for the economy of the South Peninsula!

A Vision and Brand Proposition for the South Peninsula is currently being formulated. There are a few steps to get there – watch this space, and look out for our emails.

Be a part of that journey, and take advantage of the results. It’s idealistic, it’s innovative and it’s totally possible. It only takes you to sign up and come along for the ride.

This is a collaborative effort to ensuring locals and visitors to spend more time and more money in the South Peninsula. We aim to connect all service providers to that single objective, brand and marketing strategy.

The process is about to begin to

  1. Create a shared vision and brand
  2. Supply the necessary technology and marketing tools
  3. Develop new customer experiences and events
  4. Build key relationships with tour operators, government and associations to support the South Peninsula initiatives.

Brand ideas and thoughts:

  • Long stay destination (this is your base – come to Cape Peninsula and visit Cape Town)
  • Sunrise to sunset
  • Day trips to cape town and the rest
  • 24 beaches in 20 minutes
  • Long stay family destination

Encourage to enhance the brand:

  • 12 Major ‘Southern Grind’ events a year
  • Cape Point Routes:
    • Cape Point Route
    • Art & Music Route
    • Cycle Routes (bike hire, pickup and drop off)
    • Beach Route
    • Tidal Pool Route
    • Bike routes (free boris bikes)
    • Snorkelling Route
    • Train Route
    • Golf