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welcome to the deep South, here's your safety app, is a bad marketing play for the majority of overseas guests. Fix the root problem, uplift, don't feed fearAbsolutely, this is something we will need to think carefully about to strike the right balance. The SP is a very safe destination but there is a reality of 'fear' within the tourism market. The App is designed in a way that an alert is raised for any situation, and we are currently looking at ways to make it more of your “buddy in the South” app. When you in a tricky situation, get hold of someone who can help. Tourists never know who to phone when they are in trouble. This has a lot more value than being just a safety app.12Anonymous07 Nov 18
I recommend adding a Forum to the website so that we can network directly with each other.Get South is essentially a business network, providing strategic guidance on improving the lifestyle of the South. This will include a ‘partners’ page which will have all the collaboration and forum capabilities to enable people to work on various projects that interest them. The current get south website ( is two parts a) A showcase of what a destination website could look like for potential visitors and b) the partner collaboration tools (Top left menu). We’ve created a forum placeholder.11Gisela07 Nov 18
When is Metrorail going to resurrect a full amd satisfactory service from ST to Gish HoekI think the Bible prophesised this. Probably just before the next coming. We do hope to be an influencing partner, and put pressure on MetroRail to realise the value of this asset. Once we have that voice and the community support, we can formulate a plan and present it before them. There is a lot of value potential in our train line, and we should be proud of it and work to make that happen.10Anonymous07 Nov 18
A key trend of Digital transformation is the use of data to create personal CX. Does the city plan to help small business in accessing data gathered nationallyThanks for the reminder. This is an objective of ours. Businesses need data to be able to adjust their strategies and actions. We aim to identify key sources of data, and ensure it is shared. It’s a big job, but it’s certainly an objective of ours to try to get some value in this area. 8Anonymous07 Nov 18
With regards to the cape point route I really think that San Parks suppose to be part and parcel of this initiative as they play a very big role in tourismAbsolutely. Sanparks are after all the biggest land owners of the South Peninsula, and access to their facilities is one of the most attractive assets we have in the South. Our initiative is to build strong working relationships with these groups, so that all stakeholders see benefit. If you know the head of Sanparks, send his number.8Anonymous07 Nov 18
FEDHASA supports the Get South initiative and look forward to seeing the destination thriving.Get South supports FEDHASA and we look forward to working with the association.7Anonymous07 Nov 18
GetSouth Magazine has been superb in representing the area. Setting the bar high and a great base for what is to come.Thanks mom.6Anonymous07 Nov 18
We’re Cape Town Tourism & Wesgro invited to this event? How do we avoid dublicating what they are already doing? Surely we need to link in with their campaigns?Yes and Yes. Linking up the campaigns is essential. Marketing requires layers of effort, for brands within brands. We’re just aiming to be a point of focus for a smaller region within the Western Cape and we need to ensure each brand level is operating effectively. SATSA >> WESGRO >> Cape Town Tourism >> Get South >> local destination organisation >> your establishment. Being fully inclusive is an essential part of Get South. There were a total of 420 organisations and business invited by email, in person and by phone to this event. Duplicating effort is not our intention, doubling reach of campaigns absolutely is. The last campaign of WESGRO (#itsallstillhere) was even backed through small contributions by Get South in driving viewership to their online videos. In fact, go to the YouTube video of Mikey February and just comment 1000 times on the video with “We support WESGRO #itsallstillhere #'GetSouth” - 5Anonymous07 Nov 18
The goal is for customers to have a great end to end experience . What work will we do/has been done to understand our customer? Journey mapping? Data analysis?Very Important - Good one. It’s a big task that we need to find clever ways to understand. We can make some assumptions, but as we join forces, our ability to gather useful information grows. Thanks. We hope to establish a suite of digital tools that we can use to survey customers and partners. The WIFI project will help. It’s definitely an important idea and we’ve put it on the board for once we have more traction with infrastructure.5Andrea07 Nov 18
We represent a very small portion of the the South Peninsula and I think considering renaming based on 200 votes is not the best idea.That would be CRAZY. Today's 200 is just the start of gathering opinion. Our proposal is to give it a collective brand name to the region that all who market it can use; a meaningful collective name that represents us and for businesses to use in their marketing messaging. People already call it the deep south, the far south, the dirty south, the South Peninsula … none of these names are actual names of the area. (Even South Peninsula is not a ‘name’ but just what people refer to it as). So we’d like something that we can all latch onto, and utilise collectively and consistently to brand and promote the area.

We are not proposing to start changing geography books, it's to create a single brand message, that will give all of our collective marketing efforts much more reach.
5Anonymous07 Nov 18
The challenge is that CAPE POINT is seen as a DAY TRIP circuit from Cape Town. The paradigm has to CHANGE to be a COMPLETE DESTINATIONExactly. Were you at one of our last talks ))? We hope, that ‘long stay destination’ will come out as a branding USP from the workshops. It’s essential for truly adding value.5Anonymous07 Nov 18
There is no doubt that the current plethora of local websites isn’t working. But shouldn’t the PENINSULA be a CLICK THROUGH FROM Cape Town Tourism site ?Yes and .. a click through would certainly be an aim.

Two Points here: 1) We recognise the value of Cape Town Tourism and would certainly aim to be similarly recognised by them. 2) The plethora of local websites not really doing much is a big reason for GetSouth. We aim to link them up, and work on getting them all working better; stronger digital presence and with a network of websites all spreading the same message, developing trends, influencing people and booking platforms. We need customer eyes and clicks, not content.
5Anonymous07 Nov 18
I love the concept of shared brand marketing & support, to use a key phrase from the start of the presso, how do we work together to prove ROI on the campaign.ROI – Return on INVOLVEMENT. Thanks for your support. Also remember, collaboration is not about everyone working together as a team to achieve a vision, it’s about everyone working independently on the same objectives, with the same methods as a team to achieve a vision. We have a few tricks up our sleeve to try and get this right5Andrea07 Nov 18
Well done in getting people together. Shared platform best routeThanks. We totally agree. A shared approach is a community approach.5Anonymous07 Nov 18
The nature surrounding us is our biggest asset. Local and National role players (SANParks, CoCT) must be leveraged to be more active in safety and conservation.AGREED. Nature is a key SP asset. It’s quite difficult to influence organisations with political motivations and rigid doctrines defined in law. There is currently a trend within city management thinking globally where citizens are not treated as ‘the governed’ but rather as ‘customers’ – this is a huge step in changing government structures and interfaces. The key word in your comment is leverage, and with big cumbersome organisations, you need a lot of weight to leverage them. This will need to come from a large and influential support base. If you have any ideas on what they can do, to be more active in safety and conservation, then let us know.5Anonymous07 Nov 18
What’s for lunch ?A healthy buffet of “insightful wisdom” and “strategic positioning”, with a considerable portion of “future economic potential”.4Anonymous07 Nov 18
We should all be on the page with not using single use plastic. Are we there? (Water bottles)We have a long way to go in meeting practicality with necessity. For our next engagement, I would love for someone to bring 200 reusable water containers, feel free to brand them as you wish. Thanks for the reminder4Anonymous07 Nov 18
Will you send us copies of these slidesNo. But we can send you a link to view the presentation online.4Robyn07 Nov 18
We should be able to sell this region with a focus on eco tourism and tap into environmental innovationUnique selling point for SP and Product innovation. Two important parts points here. Eco-Tourism is HUGE. We are absolutely ready to be an eco-centre. I recently voted the Cape of Good Hope to becoming a world “Hope Site” for eco-tourism. Turns out it already is! So jump on the campaign, let’s see some concepts and materials coming out. Feel free to tag @getsouthlife into the campaign, will promote it. Find a partner you can collaborate with – like the Kayak guys… or the Shark Centre – and work on a program of Eco Educational Tourism… there is a lot of potential, and you will realise the ROI (Return on Involvement) in no time.4Anonymous07 Nov 18
Where does vrygrond/capricorn etc sit?Right now, we have a unique geographical space, that doesn’t have the issues of urban sprawl. We can quite easily manage the South and get it working amazingly. Then, we can start to use our experience and infrastructure to start building outwards to neighbours. We have to start somewhere - thanks for the reminder4Anonymous07 Nov 18
While we redefine and 'think out the box' how can we be inclusive of a large segment of our neighbourhood ie. Ocean View, Masi etc. for events, skills, tourismThere are hundreds of NGO’s working to solve this problem, and we should play our part. With economic opportunity, comes up-liftment potential. These are the 2 areas, amongst 10 destinations that are obvious candidates. Get South is about unlocking the economic potential for all of the South. We aim to establish connections in Masi and Ocean View and have a few ideas for initiatives to include them. There is no quick fix here and it's certainly on our radar4Anonymous07 Nov 18
I am very excited by this South Evolution.... Brand as The South Penninsula Waterfront. Love the progress concepts but roads and traffic is my concern.Park and train concept has come up to address this. Maybe Tuk-Tuk transport? Dedicated Cycle route. Traffic is a global concern. If you have ideas, let us know. Yes, a constant consideration4Anonymous07 Nov 18
CAPE SOUTH is a great name. You ride on the famous CAPE TOWNGreat suggestion. Keep that mind ticking, there is plenty of time to throw names into the mix. When we get the branding specialists in, they are going to look at it all.
4Anonymous07 Nov 18
Maybe south Penninsula will stick as a brand but I think we need to look at alternatives that are fresh relevant and dynamicAbsolutely. Fresh and new, always create hype and media attention. I'm also not convinced by South Peninsula, as it already has some pre-existing notions in peoples minds. We should be looking for something that we can create positive brand values and messages with, from the start.3Anonymous07 Nov 18
Can we please have a 10 minute break..Only the weak take breaks… but, OK.3Anonymous07 Nov 18
Well done and thank you for taking this on! Fantastic, we need you!!!Thank you.3Anonymous07 Nov 18
I believe that Yesterday there was a meeting in FISHHOEK council chamber with specifically invited participants to discuss a similar topic. Did anyone attend ?Glad to hear it. We didn’t know about it, but that’s precisely the point. Collaboration is about total visibility and everyone independently working towards a common goal. The only thing to decide is what is that common goal? And what are the key elements to get us there. We would love to discuss further with the Fish Hoek guys.3Anonymous07 Nov 18
How can existing associations like eg Noordhoek Tourism benefit from Get South? Do you see such associations needing to rebrand?Noordhoek Tourism (and other associations) would be the biggest beneficiaries of a movement like this. Supplied with marketing content, event support, strategic support, membership benefits, membership management and a network of other associations who will support your events. Can only get better. I think all the associations should be rebranded to LIFESTYLE associations. After all, you are ultimately making the lifestyle in Noordhoek a better place to live in and visit.3Anonymous07 Nov 18
If you consider how much we pay for Cape Town Tourism membership for little direct benefit, this Get South initiative is way more beneficial to us. Happy to pay.Cape Town Tourism receive a lot of ‘our’ rates money and memberships. They are very relevant and important for our overall success. Their structure and priorities are our concern, but their need has never been greater than it is now. That will get them thinking about their priorities as well as their actual objectives 😉 – if they are given R56M to market Cape Town, I want to know that R56M has been spent on marketing Cape Town only and little else. Thanks for the vote of confidence, we hope to impact on CTT too.3Liesel07 Nov 18
Re naming: don't reinvent. Be obvious. Use the most prolific internationally recognised landmark to lead: Cape Point - then add an identifier. Cape Point RouteModern trends in branding are about creating memorable thought provoking names that require people to think (think Google, Twitter, Instagram, Airbnb etc.), and then what you can do with that name to create interest. The Cape Point Route is definitely and obvious choice, however the implication is that once you’ve been to Cape Point, you’ve done the Cape Point Route… my thoughts only.3Anonymous07 Nov 18
Thanks Brendan and Daniel - great job!That’s what my boss used to say, before not getting a raise! Thanks3Maryanne Noordhoek Tourism07 Nov 18
Trainline. Can Metrorail establish a steam train routeTechnically, anything is possible. Unfortunately, Metro Rail are experiencing technical difficulties at the moment, lets keep working on maximising use of the train line3Anonymous07 Nov 18
You don’t have to call it a safety app in reference to crime but for all the other reasons. If you are hurt or lost. Maybe comfort app or any other nameGreat suggestions coming through; as we do believe this will be more relevant and have more use than just the safety aspect.3Anonymous07 Nov 18
Two oceans?Great idea, maybe in another language?2Anonymous07 Nov 18
It would take a very long time to make a new brand known. Do we really have that time?Good question. Can we make it stick, how quickly? I guess the point is it's not likes it's replacing anything, so nothing to lose really with gaining consistency in messaging. And then lets get a good plan to get it out there.2Anonymous07 Nov 18
Are there free walking or Bicycle tours in MuizenbergKeith? I just took you on a FREE walking tour, and a FREE bicycle tour last week… can we focus on the program please.2Anonymous07 Nov 18
Customers dictate how they want to interact.. How do we help smaller businesses who cannot be available 24/7 to manage social driven enquirers?You can actually setup personalised automated responses on most social media platforms. Just send them your contact details, each time a message comes through. You can also get the business versions of the apps to work on your phone, and essentially it works similar to WhatsApp. If you want more insight into how to do this, feel free to reach out to us. Food for thought. Instant is best, but not everything2Andrea07 Nov 18
I’m concerned that we are setting Get South up as competition to Cape Town Tourism. Surely we need to work together?No not at all. We 100% support every CTT initiative. We're just adding a layer of focus on the South Peninsula, and want to make a noise, so that CTT gives us more attention in their efforts. We need Brand Cape Town to work, and we want to position ourselves as a destination within Cape Town.2Anonymous07 Nov 18
What about creating a getsouth Route map that we can all use to promote the area?It's in concept phase. Once we have established the website, the marketing strategy and the brand image, then we will launch the Route maps. It is going to be awesome. If you want to find out more, speak to the guys at Helicopter Design – it’s their concept and idea.2Anonymous07 Nov 18
And is the city of Cape Town ... South going to contribute ?We'll keep working on this - as we add value to City of Cape Town objectives, lets see how this goes. On the radar2Anonymous07 Nov 18
Could the Safety App be used by Community Police Forums for Neighbourhood Watch groups? Or is it for temporary use only?Absolutely, there is a whole host of uses for the APP. Our discussion today was focused around unlocking economic potential of the south, and safety is a major concern in that regard. So this app has a use in that specific context to help with tourism markets. When we do our community safety engagements, then we will discuss the app in a community context.2Anonymous07 Nov 18
South Peninsula Moms website needs to be involved in this, they are very community oriented.Great point. South Peninsula moms is very specifically targeted to a certain demographic of the local population. We could certainly use them to help spread the good word of the South. We are looking for partners who can significantly add reach to a single brand message and identity.2Kerry-Ann van Rooyen07 Nov 18
I feel that we need to focus on getting our South African communities and ppl to come to and support events in "The Peninsula" before consider inter tourists“YES, AND…. “ We can do this, AND get tourists to come. Have a look at the target market on the slide deck. Driving participation into events is a key beneficial outcome of any destination marketing campaign. Events are a great source of attraction, and we need to work with the current events and create more events that attract people from all different interest groups. 2Anonymous07 Nov 18
Regular (networking) sessions are required to keep up the energy... WheGood idea. Perhaps a regular Networking event can be established and be listed the event on and share the events to your social media. We absolutely support this.
2Anonymous07 Nov 18
I am concerned that there is no mention of marina da gama, vrygrond or capricorn... do they not fall in the south peninsulaThey should absolutely be included - one step at a time. Muizenberg is the greater region that these suburbs benefit from. We also need to be realistic of what can be achieved. If these regions have local champions, who want to write about cool things in their areas, and provide content to promote their areas, then we will include them into the material.2Anonymous07 Nov 18
Before coming up with a name, perhaps consultation from the relevant historical associations would be a good idea.You’re in luck. I am also a director of the Muizenberg Historical Conservation Society. So a series of discussions is being planned to include these groups. Interesting to note, that historically speaking, people just named a place in accordance with landmarks or influential people. The name that got used the most, was the one that stuck.2Anonymous07 Nov 18
Have you considered making Deep South a crowd funded shareholder entity?Assuming you mean Get SOUTH; We have discussed this, and if you are interested in being a share-holder then please speak to us. We are at very early stages of our evolution.2Anonymous07 Nov 18
Regular (networking) sessions are required to keep up the energy... When's the next dateI think answered previously. We will encouraged this and try to enable it. At Get South, we want to build a digital platform that enables people to collaborate. Networking events are important, big workload ahead of us. Method to achieve this is in our pipeline, but nothing stopping others from setting a few up. Be sure to use GetSoutGetSouth2Sam07 Nov 18
Pave over the train line, make it a road for buses, myciti, uber and taxis 😉Would be a pity, and a waste of a great asset.. but who knows… this might be a solution. A bike/walk/run track would be world class to be fair2Kerry-Ann van Rooyen07 Nov 18
What is App2never heard of it. Maybe its just something better than App11Anonymous07 Nov 18
What if you represent more than one area?Then you may be more influential than you think. With great representation, comes great responsibility.1Anonymous07 Nov 18
Isn't 'Cape Peninsula' more tourism orientated than 'South Peninsula?Cape Peninsula is already defined as the whole peninsula from Cape Town to Cape Point. We are a sub region within the Cape Peninsula. Geographically speaking we are the South Cape Peninsula – you know, the lekker bit.1Anonymous07 Nov 18
How about Cape Town South Peninsula?A bit of a mouthful, but don’t let that stop you. Keep the ideas coming. It's on the board1Anonymous07 Nov 18
Let's also get used to calling the city centre just that ! Not a day trip Muizenberg to "Cape Town"I like it…. The City… I’m using that from now on. Next time you drive to “The City”, everywhere you see a CAPE TOWN sign – cross it out and just write “The City"1Video content on the site ?07 Nov 18
Chapman's Peak is included as a destination and is a Hout Bay icon, though Hout Bay is not included anywhere? What is the reason for exclusion?Chapmans peak is an Icon for Cape Town. As is Cape Point and Table Mountain etc. It’s an icon for all of us. We will definitely need to use images of Table Mountain in our marketing campaign – its just amazing. It's just a leap to far for us at the moment. Hout Bay is operating it’s own tourism bureau that is working quite well. We will definitely support them, but they don’t face the same issues we do (they are still almost close enough to The City to fall into a Cape Town search). We also decided to keep the area a little smaller to start, as with bigger regions, comes more complexity. We are only 2 people, with other businesses to run also.1Fuad Peters07 Nov 18
Why didn’t we know in Simonstown about the magazine?Did you check your emails? I did try. I am one person. I phoned who I could and emailed a lot of people (over 400 initially). Get in touch with us to find out about the second issue.1Anonymous07 Nov 18
When is metro rail sorting out the train cancellations without even a notice the users…… I asked them… still on hold.1Anonymous07 Nov 18
Muizenberg to Cape Point, not Noordhoek. Doesnt fit the brandingThe Steenberg Mountains are essentially our self-imposed divide. Muizenberg on the East and Noordhoek on the West – like the watchers on the wall – then everything south of that. More people = more economies of scale and success1Anonymous07 Nov 18
Can we please stop talking about Cape Town as a separate destination ! We are part of CTOf course we are. City vs Peninsula maybe? I wish the market thought so also. Log onto and search Cape Town – see where our destinations come up. You're right, language is important, and we fall under the Cape Town brand. But as is Muizenberg a location within Cape Town, we're asking the question - is there any value in creating a well branded and distinct region?1Anonymous07 Nov 18
Who are you collaborating with at the moment to promote the areaWe have only spent the last 6 months or so researching and engaging with the relevant associations and powers that be. As well as with a number of businesses. We have made some good progress with local associations, and formed good relationships and understanding with Fedhasa, Cape Town Tourism and Wesgro - it's all in the making. Big ticket item this1Anonymous07 Nov 18
How about Destination SouthAlready exists I think. Some outfit in USA.1Destination South07 Nov 18
A days trip around the South P, as I tell my guests, is Muizenberg-Point-chapmans Peak drive. Noordhoek s includable due to horse riding and vineyard Market.Cool.1Anonymous07 Nov 18
Suggest you approach MEC Winde with the SAFETY APP. he’s keen to harness technology to help resolve the security issue.We will certainly try. MEC Windy has launched Securi-tech, an initiative they started in the Economic Development group. We are keen to open discussions with govt. A prominent politician once told us… “don’t let govt get involved, they will only “mess” it up” (he didn’t use the word mess). Thanks - we will try1Anonymous07 Nov 18
I think the App would work well if it was nationwide. My tourist clients only spend 1-2 days of their holiday on the Southern Peninsula.Aside from encouraging them to spend longer in the South. We agree - safety app is the one nationwide initiative. Stay South Peninsula tho - Then they wouldn’t have to worry about safety as in the rest of South Africa.1Gisela07 Nov 18
Surely we need to also look at changing the perceptions around crime in addition to providing in destination tools? Our area is a safer part of Cape Town ?Yes, And….. these are all parts of a strategic marketing campaign. Nothing we say is an “OR” discussion, we are not saying we do this OR that. We are saying we need to do this AND that. Yes, "safe" is a USP of the South Peninsula1Anonymous07 Nov 18
Need to be cautious re saying “City WiFi is not going to happen’ - rather collaborate with the City - seems to be counter to the Mayoral opening sentiment !Agreed - we only get one chance at use of Language - appreciate being called up on it. We do want to be supportive of our strategic partners. I guess, in this instance, with Wi-Fi, we feel a little ahead of the city plans1Anonymous07 Nov 18
A workshop is a collaboration where people talk and work together, not a two hours and counting presentation. Not appropriate, guys.South Peninsula Economic Improvement Plan – “Join us for a discussion and a workshop around unlocking the economic potential of the South” – we do agree, we had lots to get out, and we hope that during the presentation, there has been good levels of audience interaction and questions and answers - We will get better at this, as the content of where we are is more widely understood. Appreciate the sentiment - we had over 100 comments, and 900 poll submissions during the workshop phase, and a great starting point for a marketing campaign.1Anonymous07 Nov 18
Airbnb will likely be implementing the 90 day/yr limit, like they have in London. This will help bring back business to guesthouses and hotels.And are starting their own home-stay program also. So… as long as our home-stay owners are honest, or the government agency charged with enforcing those rules work properly, are not otherwise motivated…. Then we should be fine…Our concern with their dominance, is who is left to market the destination - not them1Anonymous07 Nov 18
How can we get the safety app? I think this is absolute brilliant. Not only for the tourists but also for each of us!Stay tuned. We will be releasing once there is finalisation of the back end agreements etc.1Anonymous07 Nov 18
Unless we get this right for people to join together on one platform it will all be segmentedOur sentiment exactly. But it is going to take time to get there. But we are heading in the right direction and looking at some great collaboration tools.1Anonymous07 Nov 18
I came here to network in a workshop not a sales pitchThis was not meant to be a networking event, but I'm sure there are some great people worth connecting with. I'm not sure what is being sold to you, other than an idea - which we're happy to accept if rejected. Hopefully, once we get the collaboration tools together, we'll enable fantastic networking opportunities. Lots to do, step by step. The factors that influence the economic situation in the South are large and complex. Our aim was to describe some of the initiatives in place and discuss some concepts. We've gained a lot of insight, and hopefully others have to, which will help us in this planning phase of the initiative1Destination South07 Nov 18
There are key organizations going other networks in the valley running for WiFi how are all of there’s business / organizations going to be included.We're looking at options. We would like everyone on Wi-Fi, and all visitors to have access, and then to harness the connectivity as much as possible1Anonymous07 Nov 18
There is a BRAND Simon’s Town process in progress via the Simon’s Town JAMS ( joint association) body but it’s a holistic view not only about Tourism.This is awesome and we really hope to tap into that. GetSouth is trying to be exactly the same for the South Peninsula and our aim is to ensure each destination goes through the same process. It would be a great idea to see how to tie it into an overall ‘south peninsula’ structure, and then into a Cape Town Tourism >> WESGRO >> South Africa Tourism structure. 1Anonymous07 Nov 18
We need a name that is already known... Two OceansSeems to be coming up a lot. Although some do think it’s a little misleading and technically incorrect.1Liesel07 Nov 18
Amazing job you guys are doing. The vision is exciting! There will always be negative people. Guess what, they are doing nothing to better the South! Keep it upWe think debate is important, and often it's a result of misconceptions. We need everyone, and we need to get better at expressing ourselves and being fully inclusive. Please feel free to criticise as much as possible. We don’t want to be doing this if it's not something that people agree is necessary.1Meg07 Nov 18
The 2 oceans meet at Cape Agulhas. Not at Cape point. This is the Atlantic Ocean here at muizenburgThanks for the statement. There is also no ‘gold’ on the Gold Coast.1Anonymous07 Nov 18
Well well done Brendan and Daniel amazing job, you have our supportThank you.1Robyn07 Nov 18
Don’t we have everything the Cape has to offer without having to spend your holiday driving long distances?Yes, and we need to tell people (as many people as possible). That’s essentially what we are wanting to achieve through the Collaborative Marketing Strategy.1Anonymous07 Nov 18
I think important is also to reach all age groups. To advertise something for each groupAbsolutely. We all have unique offerings that appeal to different people. Each age group incidentally consume media from different channels. From television, radio, Facebook, websites, blogs, newspapers, magazines, Instagram, twitter – all of these have a varying age range – so when we create a target strategy for our demographics we need to identify the mechanisms for delivery also.
1Anonymous07 Nov 18
Why about Fynbos CoastSounds good. Hope you included it during the survey; what's that in different languages?1Sam07 Nov 18
Also to drive local tourism... holiday in your own city... safety really needs to address underlying social concerns..Good - will add to strategy. There are lots of problems that affect our industry as a whole. The trick is to separate them into distinct manageable parts, and get the right people looking at those parts only.1Anonymous07 Nov 18
Is this not a project the DTI would support?Maybe. Although, DTI is govt and they are focused on other things relating to economic upliftment. Remember, government engagement is slow, cumbersome, and in the current climate – unlikely to yield any tangible benefit1Anonymous07 Nov 18
We are totally worth more than a one night stand!Lol. Agreed. Although, some of us are open for one nighters. It’s not because of any commitment issues, It’s just the way we are setup 😉1Anonymous07 Nov 18
Local organizations rely on volunteers and is limited ito funding. YES TO GET SOUTH! Take the load off, we'll continue with our smaller town issues anyway.That’s the attitude. Don’t try to spread resources to thinly, you won’t accomplish the results we need. Identify 1 thing a month, quarter, year that you want to achieve. And just do that. In a few years, you will have achieved a massive amount of things. Economies of scale are also important1Liesel07 Nov 18
Why don’t we get any funding from the Government? Why is Cspe Town Tourism getting it all?We are all part of Cape Town and we get the benefit of their efforts. We are just saying that we don’t get an equitable benefit. They absolutely need to exist, we just want to help them change a few things we don’t agree with. i.e. we really want all that money focused on brand Cape Town. We'll figure out where we get ours1Anonymous07 Nov 18
If we deliver LIVEABILITY for the citizens of the south we will greatly enhance VISITABILITY.. a proven strategy in MELBOURNE!Yes, Yes, Yes… Exactly the message. the Australian Govt. and it’s local governments are very focused on citizen quality of life, and Melbourne did it very well. I'm not sure our governing bodies are in a position to do that at the moment. Maybe in a few decades or so. But we're talking about it, and we're including key stakeholders1Anonymous07 Nov 18
Once we have convinced customers to stay, are we confident that we can provide the consistent level of high quality service that will enable brand growth?We will have to. It’s a learning program for everyone. When the market demands something, they are usually the driving force that creates the change. Which is great. One of our plans is to introduce a school of customer experience and hospitality – would you like to run it? We're confident in the products and services too!1Andrea07 Nov 18
The WESGRO facilitated COLLABORATIVE tourism destination marketing campaign is a direct response to the fall off in forward bookings caused by our perfect stormThese organisations take ages to respond to crisis. It’s just not enough that we have govt. shackled agencies who are our voice. It doesn’t work. We need to be our own voice when issues arise. We applaud the initiative. We still feel we will benefit from additional South Peninsula marketing1Anonymous07 Nov 18
#Brandon for president.. some amazing point love the set up and positive out look and we are readyNo Comment1Anonymous07 Nov 18
Let's also get used to calling the city centre just that ! NotNot what? Agreed. City Centre or Blissful Nature and Culture0Anonymous07 Nov 18
We're ...The Beautiful Deep South or just The Deep SouthWhooo maaan… that’s like “deep” bro….0Anonymous07 Nov 18
What mandates get south or this meeting to do this?I guess a questions is, what mandates anyone to do anything? This is a discussion to propose the creation of a unified brand image, that we can all support, and then to create a mechanism to get it to market. If it gets support then I guess we have a mandate. We are simply presenting an idea, and a plan for a collective effort to improve our lifestyle and businesses. What mandates anyone calling the South Peninsula the Deep South, the Far South, the Dirty South - or even the South Peninsula. Collaborative critical intelligent thinking and decision making is the future. Fragmented marketing as we currently see it, is essentially a self-imposed divide-and-conquer strategy, that is limiting our potential. We need to become unified in our messaging to the market. So our question is essentially, what is that message? If you are referring to a political mandate - we don't have time, for them to learn - we want our businesses to grow soon.0Anonymous07 Nov 18
How much will this cost us?As little as possible. Depends on what “this” you are defining. There will be layers of involvement, from FREE to a Partnership – but there are also things we want businesses to do – like get a proper digital presence going – which will cost whatever those service providers charge – or getting high speed internet, which would cost. The main thing, is that we hope to deliver a HUGE amount of value, for a very small contribution, to help get this program going. Our next “Go” or “No-go” milestone is to see if we can get 167 businesses to commit to R300 per month. But watch this space ... some ideas coming soon0Anonymous07 Nov 18
Name suggestions :The two Oceans Route of CapeTownThe two Oceans PeninsulaMuizenbergThe PeninsulaSouth BaysCape Town SouthThanks0Anonymous07 Nov 18
Other namesTable Mountain RouteTable Mountain BestTable Mountain BeachesThanks0Anonymous07 Nov 18
I use wibernet at home, they are fantastic.So do I. And I agree. They are also quite possibly more passionate about the South than we are… who would’ve believed it.!!!0Kerry-Ann van Rooyen07 Nov 18
Much of this event is way too detailed for the audience, not relevant to us at this point.We would like to give the audience the benefit of the doubt. We don’t expect everyone to take everything in. Different businesses have different needs. However, we needed to get as wide a range of people together as possible. To tell us to either STOP or keep Going – that is all we were after. Thanks for the comment, our first event, and presentations come with experience. we'll take it on-board0Anonymous07 Nov 18
OK, so we get it. What's the next step? Why are we here?Next step – we will send out a few emails over the next few weeks and months, with a roll-out strategy. Just make sure you are receiving emails from us; check your junk mail. Unjunk and please read what we send out.0Anonymous07 Nov 18
When does this end? Or does it just continue inevitably... Like a never ending story?That was a great movie. Wish they would do a new one.0Anonymous07 Nov 18
Will we be segmenting our markets further ... e.g. millennials family ? Solo travellers?Certainly we will. The overall strategy will first be refined, then we take that and break it down so it talks to the different groups and through their own platforms.0Anonymous07 Nov 18
Shift the SAFETY Apps main selling point to be the tourists friend with SAFETY as a feature but not the only featureYes, good point. 0Anonymous07 Nov 18
The Penguin RouteIf that’s what the community wants, then we will gladly waddle into the future.0Anonymous07 Nov 18
Spectacular views for long staysIndeed. That’s why we believe we can be an INSTAGRAM mecca.0Anonymous07 Nov 18
Instigate a charge for visitors who come to the South and do not stay in our areaWell… hmm… um – Not sure we want to start putting up toll-stations on the roads here. We would want to rather entice them to stay longer, rather than penalise them for staying shorter, and besides most businesses (restaurants and activities) get a lot of business from short trip visitors. Lets maybe encourage people more.0Anonymous07 Nov 18
How do we get the Red bus to come here?Lets find someone who is willing to start their own local red bus.0Anonymous07 Nov 18
Have you seen the neighbourhood videos done by Cape Town Tourism ? Kalk Bay Hout Bay Khayelitsha etc... suggest we lobby for a Muizenberg video as wellI actually spoke to them about 2 years ago. I asked them to put a Muizenberg one in place… still waiting. We have some great videographers lined up - so def. on the cards.0Anonymous07 Nov 18
If we want to start contributing how do we go about itWe will be sending out more details in the next few weeks. Stay tuned, and make sure to send us an email so we can be sure we are talking to you.0Robyn07 Nov 18