Placeholder for the Brand Value and Vision for Muizenberg

Get to Muizenberg: Home place of the Muizenberg vision and Marketing plan – be part of the vision. The Muizenberg pages and design should reflect the agreed brand proposition for Muizenberg

GetSouth Partner Organisations:


Brand Ideas and thoughts:

  • Surfing and surfing history at centre stage of brand
  • Kiteboarding
  • Art, music, creative destination
  • Eclectic mix of
  • Colour, vibrant and Beach huts (get buildings to represent that)
  • Learn to surf, surf like a pro
  • Walks, boardwalk, coast walk
  • eat well and play well
  • slow and motion (waves)
  • place of healing
  • warm heart of Cape Town
  • Beach family and beach activity destination
  • vintage chic classic holiday destination


  • creation of wave pool – promenade festivities
  • ensure pool and putt putt zone is appealing
  • switch pool to salt water
  • volley ball courts behind huts
  • sell art & crafts & beach toys within huts
  • encourage landlords to paint buildings vibrant & vintage colours
  • create a signage policy in line with brand (e.g. surfboards & eclectic)
  • ensure zone from beach to village is enticing, interesting, appealing, safe, nice to walk through


  • rough sleeping
  • Poor maintenance on buildings

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